Bare is an experience. It is an experience in being confident, brave, sexy, beautiful, silly, playful, fierce, fun…you. Bare isn’t about feeling like your body isn’t the right shape for this or you aren’t the number on the scale you want to be or you have had too many times around the sun to be sexy anymore. You are perfect, gorgeous, strong and just right. That is what Bare celebrates.

Bare isn’t about baring it all and seeing how far we can go with it. Bare is about snippets of skin, hints of sensuality, focusing more on the woman and her and her significant others bond and relationship and connection through outfits or locations or use of props. It is about using things that mean something to him in the pictures, rather than just showing everything. It is about anticipation and build up.

If that sounds like something you are looking for, let me tell you what a Bare planning session includes:

  • You would use the contact form below to start the process and request a gallery of sample images.

  • Once I have read your responses and ascertained you are actually in the market for a Bare experience and not a creeper wanting to look at women, I will send you a gallery of sample images from past client experiences along with a contract for a Bare experience. The gallery will be password protected and the link will only be valid for 24 hours.

  • Once you have viewed the images and signed the contract we will set up a time to discuss clothing looks, makeup looks, room/lighting options in your home, and experience dates. This can be done over the phone, text or in person.

  • On the day of your Bare experience I will arrive at your home and apply your makeup based on the pre-agreed makeup look using Maskcara Beauty products. We will then spend the next 1-1.5 hours shooting the Bare experience in the various areas of your home using a mixture of natural light from windows and light from my on camera and off camera flash. You will have the opportunity to change outfits and use props as discussed in our planning session.

  • Once the Bare experience has been photographed I will process the images and edit them in a manner consistent with the images I provided in the sample gallery. Once I have completed the editing, the images will be delivered in a password protected online gallery via email.

  • I will also design a 5x7 photo book with a black linen cover and 10 deep matte photo print spreads containing the images from your Bare experiences. The book will contain approximately 20 images and will be delivered 3-4 weeks after the completion of the Bare experience.

Interested in a Bare experience? Please use the form below to get started.

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